Friday, February 02, 2007


SALVIATI - bolla vase from salviati $715 USD
SALVIATI - bolla vase from salviati is one of many beautiful center peices. SALVIATI provides limited editions of work in collaboration with world renowned artisans and architects such as Romano Chirivi. Luxury accessories for homes where furniture is carefully chosen from high end modern retailers such as LIVINGSPACE or SPENCER INTERIORS ... it's simply a design "NONO" to add just any typical accessory. Just as picking that perfect set of Prada shoes to compliment a classic Armani suite ... dare to even think to add just any pair of regular shoes? ... Having the opportunity to design dressing rooms full of amazing wardrobes, I often refer to interiors as a reflection of how one dresses and presents themselves. When one shops at Holt Renfrew to purchase Gucci - the same thought process should reflect in their choosing the right retailer for the perfect piece of furniture. Quality and finishing of details make all the difference.

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