Wednesday, February 07, 2007


The luxury of travel now brings for the comfort of home where ever you go - an amazing example of a MODERN retreat is that of Casa Bosca, in Valencia, Spain. Book your reservation through one of my favorite modern travel sources - Chic Retreats.
I love residential design because of the intimate relationship residential interiors have with their end users. People not only wake, eat, shower, retreat, sleep and breathe these interiors - they call these interiors "home". An ideal concept would be that we are all fortunate enough to want to go "home" to our sanctuaries at the end of the day. Our reward for our hard work ... while many may think that interior decoration is luxury & materialistic measure of value ... our homes reflect and shape our lifestyles in more ways than we may be aware of, just as we choose the environments we want to go to or return to because of the way we feel in these environments … the details are what some of us are lucky to remember, they help shape memories we can look back on, our senses from the touch, smell, to the viewing the movement of light – we are moved by to the environments and the people we choose to have in our lives ... "Home" can be powerful part of what shapes our personal energy and motivation. The feeling of comfort, safety and security. This may not always be true ... I hope it will be one day for each of us to have the opportunity to have an environment reflect ourselves as we choose it to be. And when you think about the values we live by or the simple essentials of what makes us happy ... we can all live within minimal lifestyle that is uncluttered and focused. I like to think that the people or the passion we have for life is what makes us appreciate our the living environment. "Less is more" – a powerful philosophy to be more observant of the details that make up our environment.

Casa Bosca hotel, spain
Casa Bosca hotel, spain
Casa Bosca hotel, spain

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