Sunday, March 11, 2007


Interior concrete floors can can be intimidating for the conservative client. Most don't realize its advantages. Concrete offers design flexibility in addition to being low-maintenance and cost-effective. For those who suspect a concrete finish will feel cold or sterile, consider how it might work nicely in a warm climate. As far as physical warmth in a cooler climate, in-floor radiant heating can be incorporated. From a less tactile perspective, you might also consider tinting the concrete to a lighter or darker hue to suit your aesthetic style. Excellent sealers such as VSEAL are now available and concrete tile options such as eco-cem from coverings COVERINGS provide a great alternative if a poured-in-place polished concrete floor is not feasible. SYNDCRETE is great product that provides limitless applications from tile to integrated countertops and furniture.
"Syndecrete is an advanced cementitious composite using natural minerals and recycled materials as its primary ingredients. There are no resins or polymers. It is a solid surfacing material which provides consistency of color, texture, and aggregate throughout. It is less than half the weight but twice the compressive strength of ordinary concrete. And as an organic handmade building material, imperfections in color, texture, porosity and dimension are all valued aesthetic qualities. "sourced from design guide


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