Monday, March 05, 2007


chair collage
One design source challenge for local Vancouver clientele is trying to find the right arm chair for that special room. Unfortunately, with only a handful of showrooms, clients are left with few options for seeing the quality of product and actually testing a chair in person. The difficulty is not in convincing a client to invest in quality. What is difficult is convincing a client to invest over $5,000 in a chair with only a picture in a catalogue. Where does one go to in order to find the right chair? Well, the internet is a great start for sourcing. Fortunately, with travelling back & forth to New York and visiting showrooms, I can also offer my personal opinion on comfort from trying chairs myself. However, some of the couture and avante garde pieces may require a visit to the Milan show if I want to see the real thing in person. I welcome readers' comments for those of you who have had the opportunity to see my favorite chairs in person.
chair collage

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