Tuesday, August 07, 2007


taxi rides in New York
Photography - excited to learn new means of observation

DEAR READERS - thank you for your patience and support over the past few months. I am honored to have you come back even with my absence (I've been away from the blog scene to attend to a long overdue personal retreat) - I'm glad to say I am back. Blogging almost became an addiction. I missed it dearly and am now back to writing again because sharing with those of you who appreciate modern design is a rewarding experience. I find balance in making blogging part of my day, just like eating breakfast.

So, straight to the point: I would like to share with you a few projects. I will soon publish various articles linked to my involvement with other great networks and causes ... as well personal projects like MODERN CAUSE.

Since I love modern art, architecture, design, fashion, interiors, photography and my yorkie Tyson - I am collaborating with those who inspire me in the design world and will share with you other sources outside of design that inspire me every day.

MODERN CAUSE is a blog focused on causes or moments that have touched my heart
MODERNDESIGNSOURCE is blog focused on sources for the modern design enthusiasts of Vancouver, BC

I will be a guest blogger for blog friends Jeans.com and 2Modern to share with readers 2 of my favorite topics of interest: MODERN FASHION and MODERN FURNITURE.
JEANS.COM is a blog focused on my sources for the jean savvy, inspired enthusiast through a designer eye- here I will share with you the style statements of amazing talents
2MODERN is a blog that focuses on my sources for the modern furniture enthusiast, gained through my work with various clients and showrooms.

SEE YOU SOON - looking forward to hearing your comments & design questions!



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