Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Photography by Gaile Guevara (except of course the ones of me)

Spend a day at the MOMA in New York and you’ll know why it’s my favorite place to be! On a recent visit with my good friend Michelle, we rediscovered how subtle design details go into creating maximum effects.

Not every passing eye may notice, but I * love, love * that every where I look, the “too complicated” or “too expensive” details are represented here seemingly effortlessly. From the flush drywall reveals to the spatial planning of transitioning from one space to another … subtle application of natural light and physical movement through a volume of space … striking white walls, over sized slab stone clad walls … a cantilevered bridge carefully finished on all exposed sides intersects with a vertical opening exposing the floor plates of each gallery level … the cut outs and view points all with frameless glazing … to the flush linear a/c vents and grills … It’s the beauty of minimalism that gives this simplistic yet stylized illusion.

Just observe and you’ll see that even the people within the space, passing through admiring the artworks on display… become art itself.

P.S. Doesn’t Michelle make the best model?!

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