Friday, October 12, 2007


To see complete inspiration library for MODERN WHITE view slide show
Today is a special October 12 - I share with you a MODERN INSPIRATION DEDICATION in honor of today's birthday. The birthday of a talented designer, artist, visonary, spirit and loving friend DONNA TOPPINGS.
Looking back ... I attribute my learned love for modern minimal interiors and architecture to our days of working together and brainstorming for projects ... that excitement of opening the pages of beautiful books or magazines, and like twins at birth, the synchronized - oohs and aahs would follow. If we didn't say the exact same comment of excitement at the same time, there was always at least one of us thinking as the other is saying "look at the detail - LOVE IT". For those who aren't design junkies and cannot relate ... basically a PASSION for MODERN DESIGN is as addicting as that glass of wine you may be drinking as you read this or for others as you inhale that smoke or wolf down that block of cheese - that immediate sigh of bliss. It is that synergy or excitement and energy that inspires designers like me to be grateful for moments like those. Pure LOVE of appreciating all that is beautiful and visually articulate in its execution. I attribute my love and detailed eye to years of appreciating the laughs, cries, excitement, pop corn evenings, power walks, sushi dinners over lengthly design chats and talks. The experience of learning through eyes of someone you admire and respect helps motivate one to learn and crave more. Thank you DONNA for reminding me on your special day the moments in life that take your breath away, make you smile, make you cry and make you love - the beauty of seeing from within. MODERN DESIGN and INTERIORS isn't just about the aesthetics, is is a lifestyle, a process of embrassing and appreciating the experience of that moment.



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