Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Custom Concrete fireplace installation by Solus Decor, photography provided by Solus

"Block" Concrete surround display at Solus Decor Studio on 3rd
It feels like just yesterday that I first met Khai Foo and Brad Carpenter at their studio on 3rd off Main street in Vancouver, BC. A modest exterior entrance led to palette of sophisticated and refined concrete finishes. Four years ago, large format tiles had just started to be introduced to the residential market and Solus was already in production with a line of 12" x 24" floor tiles, showcased in their showroom in a perfect shade of charcoal. Examples of elegant fireplace mantels featured a new updated look to traditional crown profiles using simplified and well thought out use of scale and proportions. Also in their showroom - custom door surrounds for a dramatic entryway to a wine cellar. It's inspiring to see that within the last few years, Solus Decor has built a business model based on quality product and a belief in bringing excellent service to a growing market of sophisticated Vancouver buyers, as well international markets. A recent visit to Solus Decor's new location offered a sneak peek at behind the scenes efforts that go into each product from design process to careful production and packaging, Solus Decor is one of my favorite success stories and the best part is they are a great team to work with. To read more and view an inside story on Solus, see our collaborated effort at MODERN 604.COM where we feature all of Vancouver's talent and modern resources.

Concrete tile collection featured at current showroom location at 1445 Powell Street

New "Quadra" profile, a seamless single cast concrete surround that can be floor or wall mounted. I'm excited to see the collaboration between Solus Decor and Inform Interiors showcase this new concrete profile at the new Inform Interiors showroom located in Gastown.

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