Thursday, January 03, 2008

MODERN HOME - 2008 living the dream

I've always dreamed of living in a concrete box highlighted by white walls and the simplicity of modern white furniture, an investment in creating a perfect environment to start creating, thinking, brainstorming and sharing what I love most about modern interiors

My 12" powerbook, black moleskin with notes for the day, a hot cup of lady gray tea in my favorite double walled glass and 3 books of inspiration on architecture details, an architectural firm I admire and an amazing topography book

some design reading
TOPOGRAPHY23, The Annual of the Type Directors Club
BOOK #1 - TOPOGRAPHY23, The Annual of the Type Directors Club
This is when I know I am a total design geek when I judge a book by it's cover. I love the white glossy slightly transparent cover with minimal type. In reading more about the art of topography and finding inspiration for various projects this year, I highly recommend this book for those who have an appreciation for image, branding, packaging, and a fetish for fonts and layouts. My favorite quote "It has been said that typography is the architecture of the printed word because it makes thoughts visible and understandable. As there are manifold ways of laying out a building, there are - nowadays more than ever - varied ways of formulating the typo/graphics of a book, a brochure, a poster, or any media in which print is used" - Klaus Schmidt.
While I love white, I also love black! I love the matte black cover with black edged pages revealing full sized images bleeding off the page to examples of perspective sketches, concepts, and bubble diagrams.
We often refer to the design icons of our past when searching for inspiration. How great is it to see our present day design professionals have their work published and setting the tone for high caliber architecture and interiors. Multi-disciplinary firm Mak Architects shares with readers their process as a dynamic team who's synergy of a young talents give each client a unique solution vs. the traditional mind set of working with an architect for their "inhouse" style.
-"Working in architecture is characterised by participating in may processes: from planning to construction, from dream to reality from work to play. Throughout the process many things can influence and shape the intended goal. MAK Architects understand 'process' as fluid and open, their body of work cannot be defined as a monograph or a mere representation of process. Compiled in this book, the MAK approach comes across as both conventional and playful intone and is marked by a strong desire to engage with how environments can become meaningful for the user. MAK's body of work is reflective of how architecture is produced within the service economy of global city. Their unique position within the design world is evinced by the complex contemporary urban projects presented here. This book is a recording of the evolution of an architectural practice through the progression of many authors and users, and is essential to anyone interested in current architectural developments." - Phaidon Press
An excellent book showcasing modern residential architecture with beautiful photography, floor plans, and the construction details that reflect the precision of quality in seamless transitions between materials.

With no book shelf yet, aligned against an exposed brick wall, I read though a collection of books we have from design, architecture, martial arts, photography, floral design, interior styling to programming ... the list goes on, as much as we use the internet daily, there is nothing like flipping though the pages of a good book. "turning a new page" ...

It's 2008 and there is so much to be excited for. While the last 8 years of working in the design industry have been an interesting collection of career paths and amazing opportunities of working with many great talents, I am grateful to look forward to sharing more of what I've learned is a passion of mine - sharing resources. Modern design and meeting the talents behind these great projects has become a great source of inspiration. It's hard to believe at times how designers have this bad wrap for being so hush hush when it comes to their resources, that for some reason this information is something owned. Reality is that the world of technology and speed at which information sharing is advancing far more quickly than what some might think. In a day where the internet has become the #1 source of information for not just saving time, increasing efficiency as well a source for learning. We are just at the beginning of what lies ahead. I learn that the more information I share with other liked minds, the more I learn through this process of corresponding and discussing modern concepts.

Closing thoughts:
This is the little guy who helped me through a few of the hardest years in my life, I am grateful to have shared these moments with him. 2008 marks a new beginning and I say good bye to Tyson knowing, that our time together was one I will always remember for the good things that have brought me here and have made me grow into the person I always want to be. Unconditional love and appreciation for all that is in my life today - I thank this little guy for always reminding me that learning to love yourself is the most important lesson we can all learn. That finding your passion for what makes you wake each morning thankful and excited ... I hope 2008 is a year we all make the changes to living our dreams.



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