Saturday, August 02, 2008

MODERN VANCOUVER - part 2 (Life in Gastown)

Photography by Evan Haveman
Interior of one of our favorite fashion designers 

I am inspired by Hajnalka's energy, a fashion model now designer sharing her dream of design in this beautiful shop off Abbott Street. "Fashion with soul and clothing that speaks one of a kind" - are my first thoughts walking into Mandula.  A beautiful boutique that reminded me of the sophisticated subtly of natural materials layered with unconventional detailing. It is the detailing of these clothes that caught my attention.  Love the creative and the beautiful fashionista behind these unique pieces.  From designer to clothing and presented in one of my favorite boutiques here in Gastown.

Living in Historic Gastown has been a wonderful experience; it reminds us a bit of living in our favorite city, New York.  This community contains a mix of cool boutiques, great restaurants and a collection of creative studios which form some of my favorite sources of inspiration.

I think many have a false perception of Gastown and may consider it a somewhat undesirable less polished neighborhood.  The series of articles to follow, I plan to share with you this gem of a community. I live in a work live building called Koret Lofts - open concept suites where the only enclosed rooms are the storage room and the toilet room.  A modular white galley kitchen with a glass surround Duravit tub and open shower ... best of all, I feel lucky to have one of few suites with exposed concrete walls.  For those who in contrast live in small sub-divided boxes, there is something to be said to live in an open plan ... I am grateful to live in 1,000 sq.ft of open space.  

Once again - thank you to all the readers who send me their heart filled emails and to online networks who have asked me to join their team of writers. I plan to start writing again in collaboration with the people who value the sharing of resources and inspire individuals like myself to be an active part of making Vancouver a leader in modern design. Cheers to the days ahead of sharing what we love most - a passion for pushing the boundaries and believing we are an integral part to making a difference.

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