Sunday, September 30, 2007


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Architecture & Interiors by: Omar Arbell
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Specialty: residential and commercial renovations to custom furniture and landscapes
Project Highlights: Renovations of Penthouse Suite, Vancouver + Inform Interiors + Salt Tasting Bar
Interior Photography: Michael Boland Photography
(be sure to check out Micheal Boland's work, he has an amazing portfolio of capturing modern architecture and interiors)
Getting back to blogging, I look back at the past year and am proud of Vancouver for the increase of modern design projects, it's a slow start but great to see that modern aesthetic is starting to be recognized more and more every day. An architect I have long admired is Omar Arbel. After seeing the transformation of a penthouse renovation to the renovation of the new Inform Interiors showroom - I'm speechless. It's inspiring to come across Omar's work being featured in more and more design articles to also experiencing installations of his designs like the Bocci Lights. A beautiful choice of light fixture hung throughout STK in the meatpacking district in New York.

Got to love learning more about the design & food lovers joining the blogging community.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007


As I have mentioned in a previous post, I have started blogging for 2modern with regards to furniture sourcing. To read more on where to find specific furniture models check out my article on 2modern.
MERIDIANI - belmondo dormeuse day bed
MERIDIANI - belmondo dormeuse day bed available through SPENCER INTERIORS
Dimensions (86.47" x 34.25" x 30.7"H)
$4,772.00 CAD fabric category C
MAXALTO - #9950 Apta Collection day bed
MAXALTO - #9950 Apta Collection day bed available through INFORM INTERIORS
Dimensions (78.75" x 29.5" x 25"H)
Pricing on this piece in fabric ranges from $4307 to $6164.
B&B and is net priced – which means the discount is already built in to the pricing.
CASSINA - MISS daybed available through ITALINTERIORS

DWR - havana sofa

DWR - Havana sofa bed available through DESIGN WITHIN REACH
Dimensions (88.5" x 39" 24.5" H Arm H 20.5" Seat H 13") $3,300 USD in oatmeal or brown.

DWR - HAVANA sofa bed converted.jpg
DWR - HAVANA sofa bed folded down.jpg
Sourcing the perfect seating for home-office guests

MODERN Challenge: Dual-purpose design in single-room space.

When it comes to having an office / den that can also accommodate home visitors, there seems to be limited choices in comfort and style at an affordable value.

I'm working with a lovely couple of young professionals who have requested additional seating that can easily be converted into a bed in their office. When not being used as a guest room, the sofa bed could provide a place to sit down for casual business conversation while the other is sitting at the desk.

From what I’ve discovered, most pull-out sofa beds are rather uncomfortable. I also find it hard to convince a client to invest in a piece of furniture that is more gimmicky than functional. I always say that if you are choosing to add furniture to your collection, go for comfort and timeless style in small spaces.

MODERN Solution: Chaises and day beds that are classic, timeless, multi-functional (without the gimmicks), and most importantly – comfortable!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Photography by Gaile Guevara (except of course the ones of me)

Spend a day at the MOMA in New York and you’ll know why it’s my favorite place to be! On a recent visit with my good friend Michelle, we rediscovered how subtle design details go into creating maximum effects.

Not every passing eye may notice, but I * love, love * that every where I look, the “too complicated” or “too expensive” details are represented here seemingly effortlessly. From the flush drywall reveals to the spatial planning of transitioning from one space to another … subtle application of natural light and physical movement through a volume of space … striking white walls, over sized slab stone clad walls … a cantilevered bridge carefully finished on all exposed sides intersects with a vertical opening exposing the floor plates of each gallery level … the cut outs and view points all with frameless glazing … to the flush linear a/c vents and grills … It’s the beauty of minimalism that gives this simplistic yet stylized illusion.

Just observe and you’ll see that even the people within the space, passing through admiring the artworks on display… become art itself.

P.S. Doesn’t Michelle make the best model?!

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