Saturday, March 31, 2007


New York based interior designer JENNIFER POST is an excellent representation of a modern minimalist who brings the refinement and restraint of uncluttered interiors. I am inspired by her interiors and her ability to work with sophisticated clientele who understand her approach to design. It is motivating to know that when I see amazing interiors such as these, there are clients out there who appreciate a modern minimal aesthetic. It is rewarding to work with clients who understand and value the design process. I love how modern white interiors create a seamless integration of function combined the unexpected beauty of artful nuances.


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Thursday, March 29, 2007


ADAM & EVE spa resort - turkey
ADAM & EVE is a perfect example of the ulitmate spa retreat for the MODERN traveller. The interior design reflects a modern minimal aesthetic through its execution of flush detailing and the use of mirror surfaces combined with an all white interior. While the PURE HOTEL located in Frankfurt represents the modern minimal interpretation of a monochromatic interior combined with various light temperatures to create a variety of mood settings. 
pure hotel - london
60329 Frankfurt am Main
Tel:  +49(0)69 - 71 04 57 0
Fax: +49(0)69 - 71 04 57 177

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Friday, March 16, 2007


QUIGG GROUP - presidio penthouse collage
In previous articles, I've made statements to Vancouver being a conservative residential market and have mostly featured projects that represent more of a modern minimal aesthetic. I believe MODERN to remain timeless and it is the attention to details and quality of materials that remains a true test of time. While contemporary styling may be more approachable for the local market, it is such business leaders like THE QUIGG GROUP that offers luxury living in Vancouver at it's finest, ROBERT QUIGG and his team at THE QUIGG GROUP build quality homes for the refined clientele. I share with you the penthouse at the Presidio.

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My creation
It's been exciting to review and update my profile as I prepare paperwork for my move ... "In April of 2007, I embark on a new stage of my career as I join an architectural interiors firm and relocate to New York City. Continuing to nurture my passion and thirst for knowledge, I will further develop my resource data base and expand my network of contacts with industry leaders. My goals are to create a universal online resource that will help educate the public on the value and impact of good modern design and to create the relationships necessary to implement design community projects for improving environmental awareness." I have BIG goals for my next chapter and am looking forward to meeting new resources. Thank you to everyone across the globe for all your emails; I greatly appreciate the support.

In the next few weeks, I will begin my journey as an interior designer relocating from young, conservative Vancouver to international design center New York. My official countdown begins ...

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In the mood for travel ... I realize my recent articles have been literally all over the map! While organizing my imminent move to New York, my blog has been my sanity and at the moment, purging modern design inspiration keeps me energized as I attempt to attend to all the necessary details. I've been clearing my files and transferring them into a new system, which is to the advantage of my readers as it's an opportunity to share more of my resources. Over the last 7 years of sourcing modern design products for projects, clients, friends (and to nurture my passion for modern design), I have discovered some phenomenal projects... Here is an amazing travel destination for those who want a seascape retreat. A "MODERN COASTAL" escape worth visiting. LE SERNO is a beautiful resort that brings simple yet sophisticated design in each of the interior details, a signature style statement designed by famous Parisian designer CHRISTIAN LIAIGRE.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007


bonetti residence, vancouver
I have been fortunate to work with a great group of people at LIVINGSPACE while sourcing modern furniture for clients. Recently published, owner ROSS BONETTI collaborated with BATTERSBY HOWAT on the design of his private home, in addition to his retail showroom for modern furniture. The modern architecture of this talented duo has been published in numerous articles and recognized for its modern west coast aesthetic. Vancouver locals now have an opportunity to experience in person their architectural interior work through one of their more recent public spaces at 1181 DAVIE STREET. Since I started blogging, I've been so lucky to have the opportunity to correspond with readers from all over the world and wanted to share the modern design of Vancouver that inspires me. Considering the conservative nature of the Vancouver market, it is motivating to see the work and commitment of such talents ... little by little the modern market is growing.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Little by little, we are seeing Vancouver highrise projects integrate LEED certification. Unfortunately, you don't see much of this in single family residential projects or in townhouse communities. Each individual project may be small-scale when compared to a tower but collectively, our suburbs full of these projects make up a large percentage of our developement industry. While more and more we are seeing projects advertised as "GREEN" or "LEED" certified, I think we as consumers need to recognize it isn't just credits that are given to a project that make it "SUSTAINABLE." The other day, I watched a news broadcast that credited Toronto as a leader in energy efficiency. With Vancouver geographically a perfect center of natural resources, how is that we as a city have not become or are not recognized as a leader in this area? I find it interesting to know that some of my favorite pref-fab companies fabricate their product right here in Vancoouver. While most of us in the industry recognize the challenge of finding good trades, companies like MICHELLE KAUFMANN DESIGNS have managed to find the right trades in Vancouver to launch their pre-fab home manufacturing. I refer to MKD's brand campaign being easily accessible to the general public by offering a variety of modular layouts. For aesthetics, an excellent example of modern design and planning, I refer to MARMOL RADZINER & ASSOCIATES.
marmolradzinerprefab - skyline.jpg
I am inspired by their exceptional work as progressive leaders in pre-fab residential design and consider these two companies to be excellent design models for creating a business that will be essential to future residential devlopments.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Verner Panton- Junior Panton Chair $149.99USD
Verner Panton- Junior Panton Chair $149.99USD
For the MODERN KID here is a great find to bring classic modern design to the homes of MODERN parents. The signature PANTON CHAIR available through VITRA or NOVA 68 is a great addition to a fresh modern playroom or for outdoor use in the summer. Who says that adults are the only ones with an edge for design? I love to view our kids as mini versions of ourselves and you'd be surprised as to how savvy kids can be with respect to design aesthetic. To all my dear family, friends and clients who just announced new additions to their families - here is a fabulous source for all you design lovers!

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Sunday, March 11, 2007


Interior concrete floors can can be intimidating for the conservative client. Most don't realize its advantages. Concrete offers design flexibility in addition to being low-maintenance and cost-effective. For those who suspect a concrete finish will feel cold or sterile, consider how it might work nicely in a warm climate. As far as physical warmth in a cooler climate, in-floor radiant heating can be incorporated. From a less tactile perspective, you might also consider tinting the concrete to a lighter or darker hue to suit your aesthetic style. Excellent sealers such as VSEAL are now available and concrete tile options such as eco-cem from coverings COVERINGS provide a great alternative if a poured-in-place polished concrete floor is not feasible. SYNDCRETE is great product that provides limitless applications from tile to integrated countertops and furniture.
"Syndecrete is an advanced cementitious composite using natural minerals and recycled materials as its primary ingredients. There are no resins or polymers. It is a solid surfacing material which provides consistency of color, texture, and aggregate throughout. It is less than half the weight but twice the compressive strength of ordinary concrete. And as an organic handmade building material, imperfections in color, texture, porosity and dimension are all valued aesthetic qualities. "sourced from design guide


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Monday, March 05, 2007


chair collage
One design source challenge for local Vancouver clientele is trying to find the right arm chair for that special room. Unfortunately, with only a handful of showrooms, clients are left with few options for seeing the quality of product and actually testing a chair in person. The difficulty is not in convincing a client to invest in quality. What is difficult is convincing a client to invest over $5,000 in a chair with only a picture in a catalogue. Where does one go to in order to find the right chair? Well, the internet is a great start for sourcing. Fortunately, with travelling back & forth to New York and visiting showrooms, I can also offer my personal opinion on comfort from trying chairs myself. However, some of the couture and avante garde pieces may require a visit to the Milan show if I want to see the real thing in person. I welcome readers' comments for those of you who have had the opportunity to see my favorite chairs in person.
chair collage

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Christophe Pillet - Nouvelle vague chair
Christophe Pillet - Nouvelle vague chair
Christophe Pillet - Nouvelle vague chair
The beautiful lounge chair & ottoman is called Nouvelle Vague designed by French designer Christophe Pillet for Porro Italia, This product looks amazing in white and is a perfect addition for around the pool. For some of us who are design whores or have a fetish for furniture, great design, and modern aesthetics that provide clean, crisp, smooth lines - here is one of my favorites. Furniture can be considered avante garde or haute couture. Just as we reference the lines of fashion to be bold images of style, furniture is a definite signature to reflect one's personal style. Now if only this came in a soft leather version with a bit of padding - perfect for indoor or outdoor use.


Friday, March 02, 2007


WESTCOAST exterior
WESTCOAST exterior
Away from the mainstream craftsman style homes, slowly the general public is learning to appreciate the MODERN WESTCOAST aesthetic, we are seeing a more sophisticated clientele understand the meaning of modern architecture as well value the impact of design from both an exterior and interior perspective. I share with you perfect examples of the signature architectural details of WESTCOAST MODERN. Inspired by the work of architects such as RUSSELL HOLLINGSWORTH, BRIAN HEMINGWAY, MERRICK ARCHITECTURE ... these architects represent the respected signature west coast architecture of West Vancouver.
WESTCOAST interior
WESTCOAST interior

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