Tuesday, February 27, 2007


MARK NEWSON - varanai shelf
MARK NEWSON extruded chair
Inspired by the sourcing of SLICEOVICE for great design finds. Here are amazing examples of MODERN ORGANIC sculpture peices where furniture become works of art. GAGOSIAN GALLERY, New York features the work of MARK NEWSON. Beautiful additions for modern interiors that can accommodate the dramatic scale and proportion of an organic furniture statement such as the EXTRUDED CHAIR or the VARANAI SHELF in solid carrara marble. It amazes me to see the craftsmanship and detail that such talents like MARK NEWSON explore in new uses of materials. Also seen in his interior work through New York based restaurant the LEVERHOUSE, an new edge to restaurant design where it's all in the details from the custom furniture to lighting.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007



exterior 3.jpg
exterior 4.jpg
MODERN RESIDENTIAL DESIGN where the idea of "universal design" is taken to the next level within a home, design that accommodates the changing lives of its users. As we all age in place and with the challenge of mobility over the years - here is a modern interpretation of the timeless concept of a "ramp" as a means of traveling from one floor to another. The transition of walking through various levels in the motion of walking on a ramp, slows us down ... just as famous architectural monuments like the Guggenheim Museum in New York ... experience an interior in a new way by completely changing your means of travelling through the transitions between each floor level. I am inspired by the innovation of modern minimalist architect MILLIGRAM ARCHITECTURAL STUDIO

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Saturday, February 17, 2007


I am inspired by the architecture and design of MARMOL RADZINER & ASSOCIATES and their innovation in pre-fab residential projects where they "combine the efficiency of factory-built homes with the benefits of custom residential design". To view their pre-fab home designs - view www.marmolradzinerprefab.com. With the increasing cost of living and real estate, more and more we are starting to see the industry develop new concepts ... it will be interesting to see who will be the first residential developer to integrate this concept as a standard in Vancouver.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


CATHERINE MEMMI - bruxelles showroom 2.jpg
I'm excited to be introduced to this amazing world of blogging, THANK YOU to my NYC based special source of knowledge! I've been introduced to blogging and on-line network. Through flikr, I was recently contacted by amazing talents and am honored to have people whose work I admire personally contact me. It is these moments that I feel very grateful to do what I love best - sourcing and sharing with those who appreciate modern interiors and design. Since I first started my life in design - 2 of my favorite topics are of MODERN MINIMAL INTERIORS such as those of CATHERINE MEMMI and the detailing of MODERN FURNITURE found in product lines by MDF ITALIA. It is such a privlege to have correspondence from Marco who was one of the founding designers at MDF and has since developed his architectural company MILANO LAYOUT. I share with you where I find inspiration and the people who inspire me.

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Monday, February 12, 2007


Green Street Loft 5.jpg
Green Street Loft 6.jpg
Inspired by the work of New York based architects DUFNER HEIGHES for their attention to detail and their means of styling in casual yet tailored manor. I have always been an admirer of GABELLINI & ASSOCIATES and then to discover the work of now independant Daniel Heighes Wismer (who's portfolio included retail work for Jil Sander and Coach while at Gabellini) - is exciting to see his experience tranform into residential interiors. Now in collaboration with another talent Gregory Dufner, they have also developed in addition to their residential portfolio, a line of custom furniture.

DUFNER HEIGHES - studio bed one.jpg
DUFNER HEIGHES - studio bed two.jpg

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Saturday, February 10, 2007


BLACK IS THE NEW BLACK ... Interesting how 6 years ago when I would look at sourcing inspiration for clients how the perception of black was not easily understood. There is something to be said that just like in fashion - black is classic. I would look at furniture, accessories, interiors, architecture and remember saying - "now if only this was Black". Now products in the recent years have opened up to the classic timeless transformation that is no longer morbid nor dark - instead are warm and bold. When refined details meet combinations of natural light, and textures - black can be inviting. Here is a perfect example of the how the BVLGARI HOTEL lounge brings classic black to the sophisticated boutique hotel for a tailored yet refined interior.

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London is a beautiful source of inspiration for me. From the modern minimal architectural details of my favorite architect JOHN PAWSON to the interior styling of one of my favorite interior designers - KELLY HOPPEN. Her amazing signature style with the skill of layering luxury materials, rich textures fabrics with dark woods ... her eye for creating and incorporating the craft of cultural artifacts and amazing merchandising ... repetition, balance, symmetry, organic mixed with solid forms, bold shapes and surfaces ... the difference in her style is the refinement in her presentation and the combinations she brings together - love reading her new book STYLE - THE GOLDEN RULES OF DESIGN. I share with you some of my favorite examples of her work.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007


John Pawson,Private Home, USA.jpg
Ice Wharf, London

In addition to the design of interior environments ... I find inspiration through the eyes of amazing photographers. To have the opportunity to work with the a professional photographer who can capture an interior and reflect the intent of the design concept - capturing that moment one can admire and respect the importance of details. I share with you the work of Interior Photography by Famed Photographer KEN HAYDEN .
Aman Resorts Amangalla, Sri Lanka.jpg
Aman-I-Khas, Ranthambore, India

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


The luxury of travel now brings for the comfort of home where ever you go - an amazing example of a MODERN retreat is that of Casa Bosca, in Valencia, Spain. Book your reservation through one of my favorite modern travel sources - Chic Retreats.
I love residential design because of the intimate relationship residential interiors have with their end users. People not only wake, eat, shower, retreat, sleep and breathe these interiors - they call these interiors "home". An ideal concept would be that we are all fortunate enough to want to go "home" to our sanctuaries at the end of the day. Our reward for our hard work ... while many may think that interior decoration is luxury & materialistic measure of value ... our homes reflect and shape our lifestyles in more ways than we may be aware of, just as we choose the environments we want to go to or return to because of the way we feel in these environments … the details are what some of us are lucky to remember, they help shape memories we can look back on, our senses from the touch, smell, to the viewing the movement of light – we are moved by to the environments and the people we choose to have in our lives ... "Home" can be powerful part of what shapes our personal energy and motivation. The feeling of comfort, safety and security. This may not always be true ... I hope it will be one day for each of us to have the opportunity to have an environment reflect ourselves as we choose it to be. And when you think about the values we live by or the simple essentials of what makes us happy ... we can all live within minimal lifestyle that is uncluttered and focused. I like to think that the people or the passion we have for life is what makes us appreciate our the living environment. "Less is more" – a powerful philosophy to be more observant of the details that make up our environment.

Casa Bosca hotel, spain
Casa Bosca hotel, spain
Casa Bosca hotel, spain

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Friday, February 02, 2007


MAG - piece full 2005
I am excited for my talented friend MARK ALAN GREENBERG - a spiritual soul who is leading his path in the art world and sharing with us his journey. If you would like to participate and support our local artists - mag mod pop art, please join us at the AYDEN GALLERY, on the evening of Friday, February 2, 2007.

When I first started my blog, I intended to share with those who appreciate MODERN design ... and with this article I write to those who appreciate the meaning of MODERN as a lifestyle. There are many interpretations or books filled with people's views on what modern is ... I hope through my work I can help contribute my experiences in helping educate individuals with the understanding of what MODERN can mean.

MODERN is a timeless statement, a process. MODERN to me is the appreciation of these details that make up our environments through design choices we make and live. The process of understanding and appreciating aesthetics through touch, feel, smell are all a part of understanding the experience and impact of these senses. A MODERN lifestyle filled with moments we want to remember or live by. I believe that our experiences are based on how we perceive things and if we're lucky enough to make time and embrace the opportunity to appreciate these details we gain value in all that we do. Art is an amazing gift. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share with other creative talents an appreciation for this creative process and the meaning that art can bring to an interior when viewers can connect with what they see ... and understand the value of how they feel when they experience an art piece.
JOSH 2006 - mag pop art
JOSH 2006 - mag pop art
The amazing part of my job is the people, the opportunity to share with those who appreciate the value of my resources and the gift of helping them find what connects themselves with living and understanding - a MODERN uncluttered lifestyle ... a sense of order with the beauty of the unexpected personal yet meaningful details.

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SALVIATI - bolla vase from salviati $715 USD
SALVIATI - bolla vase from salviati is one of many beautiful center peices. SALVIATI provides limited editions of work in collaboration with world renowned artisans and architects such as Romano Chirivi. Luxury accessories for homes where furniture is carefully chosen from high end modern retailers such as LIVINGSPACE or SPENCER INTERIORS ... it's simply a design "NONO" to add just any typical accessory. Just as picking that perfect set of Prada shoes to compliment a classic Armani suite ... dare to even think to add just any pair of regular shoes? ... Having the opportunity to design dressing rooms full of amazing wardrobes, I often refer to interiors as a reflection of how one dresses and presents themselves. When one shops at Holt Renfrew to purchase Gucci - the same thought process should reflect in their choosing the right retailer for the perfect piece of furniture. Quality and finishing of details make all the difference.

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MARTHA STURDY - coffee table.jpg
MARTHA STURDY - bowls.jpg
MARTHA STURDY (Canadian business leader in home accessories) closed shop on South Granville ... and soon after followed by the closing of CABAN (Club Monaco's "one stop shop" lifestyle store) - leaves Vancouver interior designers with few options for modern home accessories. Unfortunately, with the conservative local market ... such product specific stores are hard to come by ... even small retailers like Bottega Roost in Yaletown closed down. Accessories in the form of artwork, sculpture, pottery or glassware to name a few, are the special details that transform a space into your own. Accessories are the jewels in our interiors, objects that bring in the personality of one's personal aesthetic and appreciation for quality in detail. Items that move us or bring a part of the world we admire and remind us of moments in time ...
18KARAT - store interior
18KARAT - store interior
18KARAT - inspiration concept
Taking over Martha's location on south Granville, 18KARAT opens their first retail store. Initially a wholesaler to the design community, they now offer a great opportunity for the local community to have access to limited editions of modern organic accessories. Traveling to New York to source product, it is refreshing to see a local retail concept like 18KARAT to represent themselves in the market similar in caliber to high-end showrooms in Manhattan. Excellent value for unique statement pieces to compliment an interior. Where presentation is carefully thought out right through from the details of products, to the "statement" merchandising and of course - amazing personable service. I am truly impressed by this great new addition to the South Granville design shop ... NEXT REQUEST - when will we have a a retailer that specializes in international modern minimal accessories?

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