Saturday, October 27, 2007


Images provided by SHOOTFACTORY
View the complete inspiration library of images as a slideshow

Thanks to amazing blogs out there like one of my new favorites by Justin Anthony of materialicious he shares with readers his amazing sources on residential architecture, design, craftsmanship, materials and products. An excellent resource. Featured on one of his articles is an amazing company SHOOTFACTORY based out of the UK. "shootfactory is a full-service location agency, representing UK and international properties, studios and venues for TV, film, photo shoots, product launches and events. With over ten years’ international experience in our respective arenas of photography, styling, location management and production, we are committed to providing our location owners and clients with the best service, advice and support." Shootfactory is great option for clients to consider to turn their vacation properties into a source of income while not in use.

Here are a few examples of the many amazing interiors Shootfactory features. My top cities for modern inspiration MALORCA + SINGAPORE + LONDON.

MAJORCA - "Modern lifestyle studio in SE Mallorca (Majorca). Superb daylight. Open plan. Internal and external studio spaces. Props and lighting."

SINGAPORE - "Spread over 3600 sq ft, the indoors and outdoors merge seamlessly in this open plan apartment. Custom made furniture by the designer mingles with modern classics, industrial materials with soft textures."

LONDON - "Striking architect designed and photographer owned timber house. Bright and minimalist rooms with large expanse of glass. Stylish diner-kitchen room with outside space. Parking. Loading gates." The amazing architecture of David Adjaye

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Friday, October 12, 2007


To see complete inspiration library for MODERN WHITE view slide show
Today is a special October 12 - I share with you a MODERN INSPIRATION DEDICATION in honor of today's birthday. The birthday of a talented designer, artist, visonary, spirit and loving friend DONNA TOPPINGS.
Looking back ... I attribute my learned love for modern minimal interiors and architecture to our days of working together and brainstorming for projects ... that excitement of opening the pages of beautiful books or magazines, and like twins at birth, the synchronized - oohs and aahs would follow. If we didn't say the exact same comment of excitement at the same time, there was always at least one of us thinking as the other is saying "look at the detail - LOVE IT". For those who aren't design junkies and cannot relate ... basically a PASSION for MODERN DESIGN is as addicting as that glass of wine you may be drinking as you read this or for others as you inhale that smoke or wolf down that block of cheese - that immediate sigh of bliss. It is that synergy or excitement and energy that inspires designers like me to be grateful for moments like those. Pure LOVE of appreciating all that is beautiful and visually articulate in its execution. I attribute my love and detailed eye to years of appreciating the laughs, cries, excitement, pop corn evenings, power walks, sushi dinners over lengthly design chats and talks. The experience of learning through eyes of someone you admire and respect helps motivate one to learn and crave more. Thank you DONNA for reminding me on your special day the moments in life that take your breath away, make you smile, make you cry and make you love - the beauty of seeing from within. MODERN DESIGN and INTERIORS isn't just about the aesthetics, is is a lifestyle, a process of embrassing and appreciating the experience of that moment.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Architecture & Interiors by: SPLYCE
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Specialty: residential and commercial renovations to custom furniture and landscapes
Project Highlights: Renovations of West2nd and West 7th private residences
Interior Photography: Michael Boland Photography

The great thing about blogging is that I have gained such a great sense of community, meeting so many amazing talents from all corners of the world and also reconnecting with the local design scene. Earlier this year I was honoured to read a kind comment from one of Vancouver's most talented architects, Nigel Parish of SPLYCE. I came across his work last year while sourcing images for modern west coast architecture. Over the past months, I have been lucky enough to learn more about Nigel's work and approach to both architecture and interiors. You can see through his work the merging of the structure and interior volumes of space holds a strong relationship and is seamless. I admire his keen sense of attention to construction details in exploring natural materials in flush exterior cladding and the combining of economical yet quality materials.

Here is an example of his work shown in the West 2nd renovation project on a 1,200 sq.ft. 1950s apartment. Love the detailing of the hardware and open staircase using laminated glass treads. Another favorite of mine is the West 7th Penthouse renovation, where his attention to details is well executed through the design of a multi-functional built-in that cleverly includes a movable cantilevered worktop.

His bio reads "The fascination with craft and how things are made is reflected in all of Nigel's work by an acute attention to detail on every scale. From the broader conceptual organization of spaces to the finer detailing and selection of finishes, Nigel strives to apply meaning and purpose to all design elements. Design decisions based on the specific and unique parameters of each project, such as site conditions, budget constraints and client's wishes, always take precedent over style and popular trends. The results are objects and spaces infused with meaning and lasting beauty." - this is well represented in his work. Stay tuned for the soon to come feature magazine articles on his recently completed home renovations in West Vancouver. Excellent examples of icon additions to Vancouver's collection of modern westcoast homes.

To see more of Nigel's work, see slideshow

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Monday, October 01, 2007


I am a longtime admirer of Vancouver-based interior designer, Patricia Gray. It has been inspiring to see her work transform over the years and see her approach to modern interiors be featured in well known magazine publications like Interior Design, Western Living, Architectural Digest and of course my favorite source of information, the blogging community. Through friends Kim and Jo from one of my favorite reads in the morning - desire to inspire ... I noticed a familiar name in the comments - what a pleasant surprise to see Patricia Gray join the blogging community of design lovers! An even more pleasant surprise was to see my blogs featured on her blog roll. I felt like a little kid at the magazine aisle excited to buy my favorite design magazine ... I just had to write to Patricia to thank her for visiting. Small world we live in as it turns out we have a few more connections in common.

In my recent efforts to get back to blogging, Patricia's personal blog (at the top of a growing list of favorite design blogs) has renewed by own personal blogging energy. Here I share with you my interview with Patricia on her design views.

Interior Designer: Patricia Gray
Company: Patricia Gray Inc
Specialty: Interior Design, Furniture & Product Design, Project Management
Started: 1982
Background: Kwantlen College / Parsons School of Design - Paris, France
Current Location: Vancouver BC

- Out of all the cities in the world, why do you choose to work in Vancouver?
I was raised in Vancouver. It is my home.

- With respect to your work, what is it that you feel makes you successful? unique?
I feel successful when my clients fall in love with their homes. Unique when I am using my own designs not someone else’s.

- How do you like to approach design?

I like to start on the interior architecture of the space. I make sure the envelope is right then add in the furnishings, artwork and accessories.

- What inspires you?

I am inspired by beauty in all forms.

- What inspires your work?

My work is inspired by clients who have faith in the creative process and want me to design something that is unique for them.

- Who inspires you?

I am inspired by Albert Hadley, Michal Taylor who have been my Mentors since Design School and who I consider to be great Interior Design Icons, and recently I am inspired by Michael S. Smith for his brillance in interpreting the past in fresh and modern ways.

- What do you dislike and wish you could change about design in Vancouver? pet peeve?

I think we live in one of the greatest cities in North America. We have a contemporary, cosmopolitan design genre here that is totally unique to us. The only thing that I long for is to have more design resources available here.

- If there was one thing about your industry that you do that you could change, what would it be? ex. an interior, building, a product, process

I would change the way that Interior Designers are perceived. In European countries they celebrate Interior Designers and Architects and honor them for the contributions they are making.

- What do you feel you are contributing to the industry that is innovative and progressive?
I try to create designs for clients that are not trendy or fleeting, but that are unique and specifaclly suited to the architecture and to their specific life style requirements. That takes a lot of faith on the part of the clients and a willingness to follow through on all the details. I am very dedicated to Smart Design, Eco, Green and & Envioronmentally Friendly practices.

- Describe what your desk looks like (cluttered, heaps of magazines, bottle of Tylenol, etc.)
All that is on my desk is my laptop and the files that I am working on that day, and always fresh flowers.

- What do you need from your work environment in order to be productive?

Beauty, inspiring music, and my bulletin board where I post all my inspirations.

- Do you have a pet, what kind?

I have a 4 ½ lb Yorkshire Terrier named Nicole. She comes to work with me everyday and has her own business card: VP of Security. She is best VP of Security we have ever had. She guards the front door ferociously against couriers.

Thank You Patricia for sharing a little more about you. It is such a privilege to have personal insight from the talent behind the amazing designs we admire. To read more about Patricia , here are links to more interviews by some of the blogs I admire: Frankie of
life in a venti cup and Vanessa of Turquise LA for LAapartmenttherapy

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